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When a loved one dies, we all want the opportunity to express our grief and give thanks for a life that has been completed in this world. The funeral service of the Church of England aims to reflect the personality of the person who has died as well as the circumstances of their death. The service may be short, quiet and with a few close friends and family. Or it could be a larger service with music, hymns, and a packed church. The words and actions in the service all speak of a God who loves the world and sees every human being as precious. 

We understand that organising a funeral is a difficult time and that the bereaved want to arrange something that respects the wishes of the person who died. Our clergy regard this as an important part of their work and will try and spend as much time with family and friends.

Everyone has the right to a funeral in their parish church, whether they go to that church or not. Our clergy will work to make sure that the funeral makes a fitting end to someone's life in this world.

If you wish to arrange a funeral in any of our churches, please speak to your Funeral Director, who will make the arrangements on your behalf.